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Facial Rejuvenation Surgery

Male Facelift and Necklift


Male Facelift  and Necklift:  

With changing standards of aesthetics  of  the male face,  and more modern  attitudes concerning facial rejuvenation surgery, many men  are  now  seeking  the  benefits of  facial cosmetic surgery procedures.   The  concept  of  facelift  and  necklift  in men  is  basically the same as in women,  but the approach is tailored to highlight  and sharpen  the angular structures of the jaw,  neck ,  and chin,  with less emphasis on crows' foot lines, cheekbones and naso-labial  fold regions (fold from nose to corners of the mouth).  The appearance of fresh and sharp angular contours leads to a well-rested, and relaxed appearance,  but  translates to the perception of  a more youthful  and vigorous appearance.  This  surgery  is  generally performed  in our  Office  Surgical Suite.    Recovery   time   is   usually  7   to  10  days   before  swelling  and  possible  bruising  resolve,  although recovery times  will vary,  and  may  be shorter.    Although  facelift  and necklift   will  restore   the   major  facial   contours,   especially  the  jawline,  finer  wrinkles of  the  skin  will  persist,   but can be improved by skin care protocols and CO2 laser resurfacing.

Before and after male facelift  photos  are shown below.



Photos Before and After Male Facelift and Necklift Surgery:

Case 1:     A 40 year old male with  mild  loose  skin of  face, neck and cheeks, and heavy fat  accumulation was treated by SMAS  facelift and necklift supplemented by tumescent liposuction of the neck and jawlines

Before and after photos of this patient  at  three  months  after the  facelift  and  necklift .  The procedure  was performed  in the  office  OR,  and  included liposuction  of  the  neck,  and direct removal of  fat  from the neck  and  jaw  region via  the incisions  in  front  of  the  ears and  under  the  chin.
Side views of the male facelift and   necklift   result   at   three months   after   surgery.   Note the improved  definition of  the contours of  the  neck  and the jawline  after  the  procedure.
Close-ups  of the facelift  and neck lift scars,  conforming to the  structures  of  the  front  of the  ear  to minimize  visibility. These photos were  taken at only one month post-surgery.
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