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Theraderm Lactic Acid Skin Care System


Theraderm Lactic Acid Skin Care System: 
Developed   by  a  Plastic Surgeon,  this  superior  Skin  Care System  is  available  only   from   Plastic  Surgeons  certified by  the  American  Board  of  Plastic  Surgery.  
About the Theraderm System:

Theraderm Skin Health System IV

Simple,  pure,  healthy,  rejuvenating...if  these are the qualities that you like in a skin care system,  then you have truly  found  what  you’ve  been  searching  for. The Theraderm Skin Health System IV  was developed by a board certified plastic   surgeon.   The   principles   of   medicine,   chemistry   and   nature   are simplified  in  an  easy  to  use,  effective  skin  care  system. 

Theraderm helps your skin reach its true potential for beauty --simply.

Optimum skin health is easy to achieve when a few simple steps become part of daily habits.   The  Theraderm Skin Health System IV
    incorporates  four products specially designed and formulated to assist your skin in four specific critical  areas  of  skin  health  needs.

Available with  Theraderm Enriched Moisturizer,  or  Theraderm Gentle  Moisturizer, and with or without SPF-15  ,    See Below


Theraderm Skin Health System II

The  Theraderm Skin Health System II™   is a methodical, scientific approach to   healthy,    younger-looking    skin - imitating    the skin’s    own    process    for rejuvenating   itself.    Developed   by   a  board -certified   plastic  surgeon after years of helping patients...

The Theraderm  Skin  Health  System contains the  Fruit  Acid  Exfoliant  and  a facial    moisturizer.      Available    with   Theraderm   Enriched   Moisturizer,    or  Theraderm Gentle  Moisturizer,  and with  or  without   SPF-15 .     

 Theraderm Cleansing Wash

A uniquely  mild  foaming  cleanser  that  thoroughly cleanses   without  drying.  The perfect cleanser to be used in conjunction  with the Theraderm Skin Care System.   Theraderm Cleansing Wash  is  available  in   a  9 oz.  upside-down dispenser.    A simple  squeeze   of  the  bottle  opens the  special  valve  and dispenses the cleanser, then reseals itself.  Nothing to twist,  turn or snap shut when travel seal is locked in open position


Theraderm Fruit Acid Exfoliant 

Natural      Theraderm    Fruit    Acid    Exfoliant       to   remove    old,   dry   skin:  Plastic  Surgeons  and  dermatologists  have documented  the  effectiveness   of  alpha-hydroxy  fruit  acids  in  loosening  the bond which  holds  dry,  rough,  dead   epidermal    cells   to   the  skin   surface.    Gentle,   naturally   occurring  Lactic Acid  promotes shedding of  this thickened dead skin  layer,  speeding the  natural  separation  which  occurs   with  washing.   Further,  the  stimulation   of   the  deepest   basal   cell  skin  layer,    promotes  repair  of  sun  exposure skin   damage  by  stimulating  rapid  replenishment of  new healthy skin  cells.


Theraderm Enriched  Moisturizer 

Theraderm   Enriched    Moisturizer    to   rehydrate    and    refresh    the   skin:   Specially   formulated  intense   moisturizer  with   natural  Lanolin  and added Dimethicone   adds  silky   smoothness,    found  only  in  the  best  cosmetics.   Theraderm Enriched Moisturizer  penetrates  deeply  to  replenish  the  skin's natural   softening  oils.


Theraderm Gentle Moisturizer 

The  Gentle  Moisturizer   is   a   gentle   moisturizer   that  is lanolin-free. The ultimate  moisturizer which  delivers ingredients directly  to the cells  through  microscopic  liposomes.   The  Gentle Moisturizer  promotes  a healthy skin environment to combat the visible signs of aging.

Perfect for sensitive skin. Available with or without   SPF 15.

RS-OPC Reparative Gel 

The RS-OPC Reparative Gel  is  a  remarkable development  for  healing and rejuvenating   sun-damaged  skin  by  aiding  in  the   repair   of   sun-damaged collagen and elastic fiber in the dermal layer. It is a superior moisturizer for oily skin  because it  is  light  and  has  incredible  hydrating  qualities  supplied  by hyaluronic acid.  The  RS-OPC gel  is  totally  oil-free  and  absorbs  quickly  to produce a smooth, dry and non-sticky surface.

NON-COMEDOGENIC. No Artificial Colors. Fragrance-Free.


Theraderm Soft & Smooth Body Moisturizer

Combining 7%  lactic  acid  with  a  creamy  lanolin  based  lotion results  in  the perfect body moisturizer for all skin types. While the lactic acid exfoliates dead skin cells,  the lanolin replenishes the skin's  moisture balance leaving healthy smooth skin.



Enlighten for Age Spots

Enlighten is an easy, effective solution for lightening age spots and other types of  hyperpigmentation.   Enlighten is useful with  or  without  Retin-A  in pre-laser conditioning and postoperative care.    A combination of 3% kojic acid and 2% hydroquinone make up this solution that is non-irritating and does not require a prescription.   When  applied  twice daily,  results can be seen in a  3 to 6 week period.  Sunscreen SPF 15 , or higher, must be used with Enlighten!


Extreme Dry Skin Therapy

The perfect solution for extremely dry, chapped or cracking skin. This cream penetrates to the deeper layers of the skin to replenish the skin's natural oils. Extra lanolin  restores  suppleness  to  hands  damaged  by  environment  or occupational demands

How Theraderm works:

Skin Before Treatment with Theraderm


Dirt,  sun,   high  temperatures,  and  low  humidity  conspire   with  the passage  of  time  to  deplete  the   skin's  natural  oils.  Even  routine  washing    of   the  skin   can  contribute   to  an  eventual   rough,   dry  appearance.   The  skin's  moisture- retentive  lipid  layer is  broken;  natural  moisture  escapes;  and  degeneration  of  the  skin   begins.

Skin After Treatment with Theraderm


Theraderm  Fruit   Acid  Exfoliant   has   rid  the  skin  of  rough,  dead epidermal skin cells.    New growth  is  being simulated  in  the skin's basal  layers   where  the cells  are   healthier,    rounder,   and  more  elastic;  creating    the  younger  appearance  we  all  desire.   At   the  same  time,    Theraderm  Facial  Moisturizer  is  at  work,    restoring  softness   and    elasticity   to   these   deeper   layers.    The   skin   is  creamy      and     supple,        thanks    to    Theraderm    Moisturizer's  unusually    high    concentration    of    Lanolin,      nature's   own   skin softener.   Another    extremely   light   softener,   Dimethicone   further enhances   the   skin's   now   silky  smooth  surface   texture. 



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